At Tara Napoli's Power Yoga you are invited to expand your personal practice and to explore the simple variety of our offerings. Our studio is located off of Walnut St. in Pasadena, CA., and there is free and easy street parking located conveniently outside of the studio. We teach Power Yoga, Intro to Power Yoga (for beginners), Power Flight, BUTI Yoga, and Restorative Yoga classes, seven days a week. We are a team of experienced, certified, and dedicated teachers here to support and honor you in your highest intentions. 


All of us teach yoga because we love to do it and to share it with others. At TNPY, we teach from this passion and we love to connect with the community with a sincere desire to be of service. You will feel at home in our studio, and we will always greet you with honor and respect no matter what stage in your life you are in. 




Tara Napoli


Tara Napoli has been doing yoga since she was a child. She first learned how to chant, meditate, and visualize from her mom. She specializes in bhakti yoga (of the heart and service), and teaches Power Yoga, BUTI Fitness (by Bizzie Gold), and Restorative Yoga. She is also a Reiki healer, Singer/Songwriter, and Kirtan Artist. She has been an avid yogini for over ten years and has had the honor to learn from some of the best Yogi's in Southern CA. Her teachers and inspiration have come from Bryan Kest from Power Yoga in Santa Monica, CA, Govindas from Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, CA, Amma, and many more teachers, artists, and musicians. She loves to get first-timers hooked on yoga, as well as to encourage the continuing student to grow within their practice so that they can experience the powerful healing effects of yoga, 


In her youth, she was the number one gymnast in the State of California. After a bad fall, requiring major reconstructive knee surgery, she turned to yoga and was amazed at how quickly she was able to get back to her love of sports. In college, she competed in spring-board diving. After college, she entered the world of film stunts and film stunt coordination. Eventually, Tara's passion turned to helping people re-connect to their body, mind, and soul through the practice and teaching of yoga.

Knowing that yoga is a holistic approach to the body, mind, and soul, Tara found peace and balance through her years of having a meditation, mantra, and asana practice. Loosing her father to suicide at the age of five left her with many questions about life and death; along with grief, anxiety, addiction, and much confusion. Through her continual practice of yoga in all its aspects, she found liberation from the heaviness and hopes to inspire others through yoga and its ancient teachings. 

Tara helps her students find their way to their body's awareness through breath and intention. She believes that the true teacher lives within each your body, mind, and soul. Learning to listen to and to follow your internal guidance creates an authentic practice. Tara supports the space for her students to discover what lies beneath the surface of each breath.


Tara teaches morning and night classes daily, so check out the schedule to see ​when she's teaching!


Her classes are inspiring and intense, and the reward is an overall feeling of balance, strength and flexibility. Students often leave Tara's classes feeling as though they have come home to their bodies, unleashing powerful energies! 

Alexandra Brooks

Alexandra was first introduced to the practice of yoga during her junior year of college at UC Berkeley, where her romance with yoga commenced.  After graduating college with her B.A. in English, she moved back home to the Los Angeles area and practiced barre method for a spell; however, it was not as satisfying to her.  Several years and wrist injuries later, after the completion of her first year of law school, she looked once more to yoga for a lifestyle balance, healing and rehabilitation, and the physical strengthening that she knew she would gain, promising herself that she would never allow anything to disrupt her yoga practice again.  After taking one class for the first time at TNPY, she was hooked, and so she resumed a diligent practice​ at TNPY.  She fell in love with the intimate, family-like community at TNPY and was inspired by the passion of her teachers and fellow practicing yogis, thus she began teacher training and completed her 200 Hour RYT during her last year of law school. ​

Her classes are designed for all yogis--from beginner through advanced levels, as she guides students through postures in a Vinyasa style, beginning with the basic poses, and encourages students to practice more advanced poses based on their individual practice levels. 

Check her class out every Wednesday night from 8:30-9:30pm.

Wendy Hyde


Wendy stepped into her first yoga class more than a decade ago, but it wasn’t until finding Tara Napoli’s Power Yoga in 2013 that her love and respect for yoga really deepened. A mountain girl who enjoys trail hiking and biking, Wendy’s been passionate about body movement ever since her dad, a gymnastic coach, taught her to go upside down at a young age. Her training in ballet, jazz, and modern dance has gifted Wendy a deep appreciation for the rhythm and dance within yoga.


Developing a consistent yoga practice has helped shape her not only physically but mentally by encouraging her to let go of fear and negative thinking. She feels that no matter what she is going through, yoga is always there to help bring  awareness and perspective to the big picture, supporting her to come back into a grateful, soulful space.  Wendy completed a 200 RYT at Tara Napoli’s Power Yoga, and is a certified BUTI yoga instructor.

Cicily Scharlach


Cicily turned to yoga to calm her mind after some challenging events that occured in her life. She didn’t fully understand how powerful a yoga practice could be. In 2012, after her first class she noticed that she was fully present and had no chaos in her head; she was able to quiet her mind from all thoughts to just BE with herself. From that point on, she was hooked. Yoga has brought her such clarity, physical, and mental strength. In 2015, she become certified in Buti Yoga. She feels so grateful to have been a student at Tara Napoli’s Power Yoga, and even more grateful to be able to teach Buti Yoga at the studio, sharing her experience with her students; hoping to ignite a fire within themselves just as she experienced when taking a class for the first time at this same studio.


Cicily guest teaches, so look for her name to pop up on the schedule!

Her classes will inspire and empower you, while at the same time you will learn how to liberate your body and mind in a fun and expressive way!

Scarlett McCann

Scarlett's yoga practice was born during a challenging and  emotionally difficult time in her life. A friend suggested she try yoga and meditation, and sent some books to encourage her to learn more, and develop a personal practice. After a few months of reading and practicing alone, she took her first class at the gym. She was immediately hooked after experiencing the true flow and  group energy that a public class brought to her practice. She quickly made the switch to Yogaworks Studio City, and in 2015 enrolled in the Yogaworks Larchmont 200 hr teacher training. 

The ability to use breathe and movement to not only bring physical improvements to the body, but the calming of the mind and connection with the true Self are what Scarlett loves the most about yoga. Her practice has guided her through good times  and bad, allowing her to work through fear, negativity, and self doubt with compassion and confidence. She feels honored to share this practice with others, and enjoys guiding her students through powerful vinyasa and alignment-based  classes to the sweet surrender of Savasana. 

Ariadne Vickers-Davis 

Ariadne began practicing yoga when she was 16 with her Mom. What began as a way to get exercise after stopping ballet quickly turned into a lifestyle and a mindset that transformed her mind, body and soul for the better. As she got older her need to share the power of yoga with those around her grew. After graduating from Elon University with a BFA she decided to her pursue her yoga certification. She went to Laughing Lotuses, Lotus Flow University in New York City where she gained her 200 Hour RYT in Vinyasa Flow.  


Her classes combine powerful creative flows based on our chakras that ignite the breath and connect mind to body.  


Check her classes out on Monday 11:30-12:30 pm

Her classes are grounded in alignment and intelligent sequencing. 

Roman Stollenwerk

Roman began his yoga practice while on a vacation.  A single unplanned class led him to immediately find his home studio, Tara Napoli's Power Yoga, upon his return home to Los Angeles.  Previously, through his life, he had engaged fitness as a necessary task to obtain his goals for his physical appearance, but he didn't enjoy it.  Yoga changed that for him by allowing him to quiet his mind and focus on the feeling of the motions.  He quickly became dedicated to a rigorous daily practice at TNPY. Eventually, he finished his 200HR teacher training at Tara Napoli's Power Yoga.


His approach to yoga is to encourage a consistent vigorous daily practice focusing on the activity and feeling of yoga.  His style is fun, flowing and challenging.  He believes that any desired physical results will come as a natural outgrowth of the dedication to your practice.


Roman teaches Intro to Power Yoga on Monday's, and Power Yoga on Wednesday and Friday mornings, from 6:00am-7:00am, 


His class focus on a strong vinyasa power flow.



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TNPY Yoga Tanks are a slim fit, soft ribbed -or-soft tri-blend, hip hugging flattering, and perfect to practice in tank.

The back has a flattering seam that reads, "BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD." 

*Inspired form a Gandhi quote, as well as MC Yogi's song



  • Black/Charcoal Racerback Tank (W)               (W) = Womens      (M) = Mens

  • Grey Racerback Tank (W)                                  

  • Black Bella Ribbed Tank (W&M)

  • Turquoise Bella Ribbed Tank (W)

  • Berry Bella Ribbed Tank (W)



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