At Tara Napoli's Power Yoga you are invited to expand your personal practice and to explore the simple variety of our offerings. Our studio is located off of Walnut St. in Pasadena, CA., and there is free and easy street parking located conveniently outside of the studio. We teach Power Yoga, Intro to Power Yoga (for beginners), Power Flight, BUTI Yoga,
and Restorative Yoga classes, seven days a week. We are a team of experienced, certified, and dedicated teachers here to support and honor you in your highest intentions. 


All of us teach yoga because we love to do it and to share it with others. At TNPY, we teach from this passion and we love to connect with the community with a sincere desire to be of service. You will feel at home in our studio, and we will always greet you with honor and respect no matter what stage in your life you are in. 


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An athletic vinyasa (connecting breath to movement) based class that also focuses on strength, balance, and flexibility. This class is great for those who want to break a sweat while also enjoying the relaxing benefits of winding down into resting poses and inversions. 


A class that is everything in one, and is perfect for those who are busy and want the best of both worlds; a complete workout for the body, mind, and soul. You will be hooked on yoga after this class, will look HOT in a bathing suit, and won't need to go to the gym! If you haven't done yoga before, or in a while, try an Intro or beginner class first. 





A gentle vinyasa based warm-up (connecting breath to movement) begins this class, and asana (poses) will focus strength, balance, and flexibility.  


Beginner classes are great for first-timers, and will tone, strengthen, and relax your body.




Enjoy diving deep into your practice with a yoga class that not only helps quiet the mind, but strengthens, tones, and balances the body. Candlelight Yoga is calming for the central nervous system and focuses on the release of stress and tension buildup. 


A strong and mellow flow, AND an amazing way to end the day.




BUTI is a high-intensity workout that fuses yoga and dance with circuits of plyometrics and conditioning. Each class is 60 minutes and consists of deep stretching, BUTI shaking and heart-pounding cardio. BUTI dance moves are taken from various styles that focus on an intense shaking of the hips (BUTI). BUTI is sure to get your energy high and your abs tight!  


A fun and challenging cardio vascular workout, with great music to shake the BUTI to! Prior yoga experience is recommended... this class will get you drenched and feeling amazing. You don't need any dance background and style is "free style" unchoreographed for all to move to. Watch out... you might get hooked!


KIDS YOGA/Little Warriors is an excellent way for kids to learn how to concentrate, focus, and to breath deep all while having fun. KIDS YOGA has been shown to improve kids grades and overall school behavior! 




Power Yoga  (all levels)

Intro to Power  (beginners/all levels)

Candlelight Yoga (beginners/all levels)

BUTI Yoga  (all levelts)

Kids Yoga/Little Warriors (all levels/ages 3 and up)




Beginner classes: These classes are great for first timers, as well as the continual student who wants to focus on alignment and gentle poses.


All level classes: These classes are for the student that has done yoga before. Level 1-3 students will know the basic poses, and class will  include modifications. All level classes are good for the student who wants to build a solid foundation in their yoga practice; learning alignment, breath (pranayama), vinyasa sequences, balancing asanas (poses), inversions, and concentration. 


If you're new to yoga or out of practice, try a beginner class first. 





During this time of social distancing due to COVID-19, WE ARE NOW LIVE STREAMING!

YOGA &MANTRAS 3-4 times a day, with all of your favorite TNPY yoga teachers. 

Join us  on INSTAGRAM @tnpylive or on ZOOM to continue your practice.


To sign up, go to the schedule and choose the class that you want to join with us either on IG, or ZOOM.

*all CURRENT members receive unlimited online classes

To receive access to our INSTAGRAM online classes follow these easy steps;

  1. Activate your TNPY all access pass by purchasing an unlimited membership (auto-pay)*new students $39.00 Unlimited Yoga and Mantras all access pass

  2. Click on the link below and follow @tnpylive on INSTAGRAM. Then please send us a message through IG and tell us the full name and email in your mindbody account so that we can grant you access to our live classes.

  3. For live classes @tnpylive on IG, go to either the stories promptly at the time of the scheduled class, or to the home page and click on the profile circle studio picture. Then you will see play LIVE!

To get your ZOOM ACCESS Pass to TNPY YOGA: *all links on buttons below 


  1. Purchase a membership to TNPY, or update your current one by clicking the sign up button below!

  2. Create a free account at Zoom.com or search Zoom in the App Store.

  3. Send us an email to taranapolispoweryoga@gmail.com with your zoom email login address.

  4. Sign up for classes on MINDBODY, our usual class scheduler, that you can access via our website or free mindbody app. an hour or more before class begins.

  5. Please turn off your video and mute yourself as to not distract other students. 

  6. Come to your mat and await your Zoom TNPY class code for your upcoming yoga class!

For those who have the Zoom Access Pass, you also have access to all prior classes! A password is required to access these classes. Please email taranapolispoweryoga@gmail.com for the password. 

OPENING HOURS - We open the door 15 minutes before each class. There is easy and free street parking.

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