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As the Founder of Tara Yoga for the past 10 years, I have been blown away by the quality of kind hearted souls that have come to practice yoga at Tara Yoga, learned how to teach yoga and reiki at Tara Yoga, chanted together at Tara Yoga, flown to foreign lands and destinations together on yoga retreats with Tara Yoga, laughed and cried together at Tara Yoga, supported Tara Yoga when we had to practice outside in the rain, and most of all shown up with an open heart and shining soul. I am honored to be the founder of Tara Yoga and feel so grateful to have gotten to share my passion for yoga, the healing arts, music, and my souls dharma here in Pasadena, CA. at TARA YOGA for an incredible 10 YEARS! Thank you so much for continuing to bring your wisdom and light into our sweet yoga studio.



Yogini Tara 


Roman Stollenwerk

The anniversary celebration will also mark the closing of “Drishti” by Roman Stollenwerk. "Drishti" has been installed at TaraYoga for a year, and as originally announced, Roman will now be giving away all of the paintings on display. We will have a randomized giveaway at the anniversary celebration. Please note, to receive a free artwork, the artist will require a resale agreement. 

To mark the occasion of the 10th anniversary, Stollenwerk will also be presenting a new installation of paintings at the studio.


Take scooping 💩 off your to-doo list! Dook’s is a woman-owned business that provides affordable and convenient pooper scooper service to individuals and communities. We come right to your house and clean up your dog’s dooks from your yard so you don’t have to. We offer recurring service as well as one-time cleanings for parties or special occasions. Schedule today at

A Brenda Bravo Portrait Session

Mini Shoot & Posing Lesson - 30 mins photo session with award-winning photographer Brenda Bravo  where you will learn some quick tips to look better in all your photos. You get a professional portrait session, and keep 2 photos in high res. Additional images available for purchase. 

A therapy session with Mariana Estrada.

A2 Color logo.png.png
Two gift certificates from ALEXNDRIA II 

ALEXANDRIA II has been serving the Pasadena community since 1985, and offers metaphysical books, crystals, jewelry, and psychic readings. Find them at 170 South Lake St. Pasadena, CA. 91101 626-792-7885

ENJOY SAMOSA'S AND MORE FROM THE BEST VEGETARIAN INDIAN RESTAURANT located just around the corner from TARA YOGA at 270 North Hill Ave., PASADENA, CA. 91106 


MARCH 19, 2023, from 3-4:30pm


Be the first to experience HYPNOYOGIS! Ask your company to bring them to your team. 

HypnoYogis is a new series of transformative mind/body workshops brought to you by Tara Yoga’s Founder Tara Napoli, 500 RYT, reiki master, & mama of two, and licensed hypnotherapist Irina Jelinek, CHt. (Author of “How To Switch Gears Fast & Last”), & mama of two. Surpassing traditional ‘stand alone’ yoga and mindful practices these popular workshops synthesize the highly effective benefits of hypnosis and yoga for a complete psycho-physical reboot. Perfect for a company retreat or midday office reset, this pioneering program teaches groups simple & lively ways to switch gears, energize, focus, and get motivated.


WE start out by chanting Kirtan to raise the vibrations. Mantras are a powerful method that have been used for centuries to connect to the qualities of the Gods and Goddess's. Then we'll take restorative asanas while receiving aromatherapy. The healing scents will relax and ignite your bodies natural inclination to work with natures plant medicines. While resting, the sound of planetary gongs will bathe you like a warm blanket.  Himalayan singing bowls and chimes are accompanying these vibratory gongs, and will guide us into a deep meditation. 


A sound bath "washes" away stress and brings you to a state of relaxation, activating your body's our own natural system of self- healing.  No yoga experience required, simply wear comfortable clothes, lie back, and receive the powerful vibrations.
Bring a yoga mat and a blanket.


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