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the third week in January on Tuesday and Thursday's from 9am to noon for three months. 


TARA YOGA'S TEACHER TRAININGS are self-paced, ongoing, and designed to support your yoga exploration as a practicing yogini, and/or teacher.   

We meet in the studio in Pasadena, CA., virtually, and you'll develop a home practice that aligns with your authentic soul.


Both of our 200-hour and 500-hour teachers' training is designed to deepen your practice, to bring you a deeper understanding of yourself and the healing benefits that come from doing yoga, as well as sharing it with others so that you can benefit from contributing to uplifting the collective consciousness, 


We will dive deeply into yoga philosophy, asanas, Sanskrit, kirtan, yoga ethics, and yoga as a medicine, 


Tara Napoli is the founder of Tara Yoga and has been a yogini since birth. She has guided others in the practice of yoga for over 15 years with over ten thousand hours of teaching yoga and is devoted to the practice of Bhakti Yoga. As a Reiki Master, international yoga retreat facilitator, and mama of two, she will guide you in achieving your highest intentions and goals. She has been teaching yoga professionally for over a decade. Along with that, you will become a confident and competent yoga teacher with a globally recognized 200-hour, or 300-hour, credible yoga teaching certificate. The training will also include guest teachers and a home study practice.


This training is designed for all levels, including beginners. All you need to join this teacher training is a passion for yoga and a desire to deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga. To sign up, email or text us today!

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2022 Teacher Training

Deepen your practice and become a certified yoga teacher through Tara Yoga's




  1. DEVELOP a deeper understanding of your practice through exploring your body, mind, and souls innate desires to create harmony and peace. 

  2. Learn the tools to cultivate a daily practice and shift into a higher frequency.

  3. Deepen your existing practice.

  4. Inspire others to do yoga.

  5. Heal blockages, old patterns, and discord through the ancient methods and practices of yoga asanas, philosophy, and mantras.

The next 200 TT STARTS SUNDAY January 29, 2024, from 10:15-noon. We'll meet on most Sunday's (and some Saturdays) until the end of April.

The investment is $3,111.00 in full, or $500.00 a month x7. *Individual payment plans available.

200- & 300-hour 


You will have the opportunity to assist Tara in studio classes, as well as to teach a community class if you’re interested in the teaching aspect of the course.


However, if your desire is to simply deepen your own personal practice, we will be diving into the deeper aspects of yoga; such as the Yoga Sutras, Bhakti Yoga, Asanas, Mantras, Meditation, and more. 


*You can miss a few classes if you can’t make all of the dates by getting notes, or you can make the days up in the next training.

Discover the deeper aspects of having a consistent yoga practice and learn practices that have the power to connect you to your highest purpose. All levels are welcome. Please sign up to save your spot online, or in person. 

You'll receive a book list, Tara Yoga manual, and chakra manual.


The 300 HR TT is offered in three modules. The next Module starts on March 4th, 2024.

How to build a sequence, how to move from the body to the "Atman," or SOUL of the practice, how to maintain an authentic approach to practicing yoga.



Space is limited! 


Inquire about payment plans. Payment plans are available to early bird sign ups only.


If you want to become YA certified, will be required to take a minimum of three (3) classes a week on @tarayogalive on IG, or in studio, to do 100 hrs or more of home study, and by the end of the training, you will complete the following; design a sequence and teach ten (10) classes, complete a written test on the various topics of study, and complete a speical project (a yoga video, website, song, blog, or any other action oriented project).  


Training Testimonials

"I have been doing yoga for over a decade if not more off and on. I had been considering a Yoga Teacher Training course for quite some time but had never taken the desire seriously. Then I found TNPY offering Yoga Teacher Training and without hesitation reached out and signed up. The program made me “present” for the first time. Life is so busy and many times people are constantly thinking about “what’s next”. TNPY TT made me realize the power and gift of being present and what Yoga really means. It is a lifestyle, a way of being. Yoga is love. Not having clarity going into the training, I left with clarity and an open heart."

- Melicia S.

"Tara Napoli's Power Yoga teacher-training program is a well-balanced program touching on diverse aspects in particular that pertaining to the practice of Bhakti yoga. Tara brings a warm and caring nature into her teaching and engages in a manner that brings the best of the 'teacher' that resides within all her students."

- Michelle Kung, LAc., Dipl. O.M., Ph.D.

"Being part of the Teacher Training was a great experience! I learned so much, and met wonderful people. Yoga is a beautiful way, of looking, and experiencing the world.  Tara is a wonderful instructor that will challenge you, and also aid in removing rocks from your path by explaining the various modifications that can be done for you to maximize your potential in each pose. The training is not just physical; it also awakens your mind and spirit.  I am very grateful to have been a part of the experience and know that it has deepened my yoga into a life long practice that I want to share with others."

- Anay R.

"I am forever grateful to have had Tara Napoli lead me through my 200 RYT teacher training.  I highly recommend TNPY’s TT for several reasons: 

  1. SOLID CURRICULUM.  The class has been intricately structured to thoroughly cover the mind, body and soul of yoga—including asanas, sequencing, yoga philosophy, kirtan and mantras, just to name a few.  The class is very well rounded and taught at a great pace.  Also, by the end of the 8 weeks, I was able teach with confidence!

  2. TARA. The curriculum is only as good as the teacher.  Tara is truly gifted.  Her passion for yoga, years of dedicated experience, and her generosity with her knowledge, makes her a strong, effective and valuable teacher.   One that you absolutely cannot find at the run of the mill teacher trainings.

  3. INTIMATE.  Small class equals personal attention.  I was able to voice all my questions and have concepts thoroughly and personally explained to me.  I always received the support I needed.  In addition, I was able to share my journey with the other students, as we supported one another and grew together throughout the TT."

- Ling L.

"This 200 YTT is absolutely incredible. I learned so much through Tara educating us on the history of yoga, anatomy, alignment, meditation, etc. But her strong emphasis on having us focus on digging deep within ourselves to really find our passion, finding what is driving us in this YTT was powerful. She fostered a safe environment, allowing all of us to be open and vulnerable, to learn from one another, to support and believe in ourselves and fellow YTT students. TNPY’s Teacher Training just reconfirmed how madly deeply in love I am with the practice of yoga and I cannot wait to share it with everyone I can. It was an experience I will never forget and am forever grateful to Tara and her teachings.

- Cicily S.

"I highly recommend Tara Napoli’s teacher training program to anyone serious about teaching yoga, or who may want to dive deeper into their own practice. Tara has years of experience, and a vast knowledge of the entire spectrum of yoga that she brings to her training. Tara is an extremely compassionate, and inspiring teacher who is hands on with all of her students. I feel so lucky to have been able to participate in her intimate YTT program since her style of teaching, and studio in my opinion is the best in Los Angeles. I would not have been interested in taking YTT in a large chain studio setting. If you are contemplating where to take your YTT – you will be so impressed, and happy with your decision if you choose TNPY.

- Wendy H

Once upon a time, I was clumsy, accident-prone, and I couldn’t even tough my toes. Thankfully, not anymore! I can do much more than I ever imagined I would ever be able to do. It all began in 2016 when I stumbled across an ad for the TNPY studio in May of 2016—I can honestly say that facing my fear and actually purchasing a membership here was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only is Tara one of the best yoga instructors, but early on in my practice, it became very apparent to me that she truly loves her students and is dedicated to her passion for teaching and practicing yoga. Tara effectively guides each of her students on their own individual journeys of discovering that yoga is for EVERYONE, no matter how clumsy or inflexible they have convinced themselves that they are. Tara inspired me so much that I was absolutely convinced that I not only should, but actually needed to become a yoga teacher. The TT was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I learned so much about myself, I got so much stronger, and I grew to appreciate myself and my body more than I ever have before. I warmly recommend the TNPY TT to everyone. The training was intense, but it was incredibly fun and motivating to observe myself and my fellow trainees grow and deepen our yoga practices. I am very proud to have taken the TT with Tara—there is no other place I would have rather taken my teacher training at. Namaste! 

-Alexandra B.

What a wonderful experience to share and learn with such a beautiful group of yogis and teacher. I knew this experience would challenge me physically and mentally in ways I could prepare for and it deeply did just that. I did not know what a yoga family that would develop from the experience. Meeting for 8 weeks and working through the material together was a gift. With the guidance of expert Tara, practicing and growing into yoga teachers together felt natural and non threatening. I would highly recommend Tara’s teacher training course! 

-Sarah S.
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